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Crossing the Line: Making a Difference With Girls Who Act Out Presented by Cathy Olberding, LPC. Female Adolescent Offenders Between 1987 and 1996, arrests of adolescent females increased 76% compared to 46% among adolescent males. “My Name” by Sandra Cisneros from The House on Mango Street In English my name means hope. It is like […]

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THE 100 GREATEST HEADLINES EVER WRITTEN Whenever I need to write a ''drop-dead'', kick-butt, ''stop-em dead in their tracks'' type of headline, I usually always FIRST take a look at my list of ''The 100 Greatest Headlines 2011 Teens’ Top Ten Nominations Bachorz, Pam. Drought. Egmont USA. 2011. (978606840160). Ruby and the Congregants have been […]

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THE EFFECTS OF TEXTING WHILE DRIVING JODIE SINGER, ALEX STEGALL, KELSEY LEMIEUR, LEXI CONLEY, BRETT PIPER & TAYLOR BRIDGERS Jodie Jodie Alex Alex: This suggests something very different from our hypothesis. Dangers of Texting While Driving By: Joshua Ryan Roberts Reasoning Reason why I chose this topic as my senior project What motivated me locally […]

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MESSAGE ABOUT FORGIVENESS. 315 MESSAGE ABOUT FORGIVENESS The Heavenly Father is asked to please define what forgive- love. Forgiveness is when you allow these images, these per-ceptions, these judgments, to dissolve; and as you seek to Text Messages Since most students have mobile phones, most of them need to be able to Level: Entry 3 […]

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•If you accept an offer and back out •You might be happy with first offer •Asking “Is it negotiable?” if not sure •Be aware of monetary and cultural cues •Use caution with email salary negotiations •Think before you speak Continue until all sentences are acted out and identified. 6. Peer evaluation Sentence Meaning Sentence bear […]

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1 Biblical Guidelines for Dating ’ = next PowerPoint slide ’ Intro: tone = positive (assume doing) – dating is important part of life, preparation for marriage – pic: Heath and Renee Journal of Communication ISSN 0021-9916 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Putting Your Best Face Forward: The Accuracy of Online Dating Photographs Jeffrey T. Hancock1 & Catalina […]

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IF YOU ENTER THIS SWEEPSTAKES VIA TEXT: EACH TEXT MESSAGE, SENT OR RECEIVED, MAY INCUR A CHARGE AS PROVIDED IN YOUR RATE PLAN. MESSAGE AND DATA RATES MAY APPLY. will conduct the Sweepstakes substantially as described in these official Sweepstakes rules. TEXTING CONTEST Superintendent: Matt Griffith Times and Dates: Saturday, September 6th 5:00pm-6:00pm Open to […]

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RBT Jamaica Trip Report 2012 2 Tour Intro Jamaica is unique. With mixed roots dating back to West Africa, Britain, Spain and South America, it truly is a melting pot, though one might not be exposed to this during a visit to the all-inclusive 50 Port Royal, Jamaica Underwater Cultural Heritage at Risk represented in […]

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The Flirting Playbook™ by Derek Rake because they always seem confident when they do it. Fun flirting happens to show people that you aren't scared of what they think, and it also lets WHY DO WE FLIRT? Flirting Motivations and Sex Differences in Working and Social Contexts David Dryden Henningsen Northern Illinois University Mary Braz […]

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Another important factor is how teachers, SLMSs, and parents respond to the books that boys appreciate and enjoy. Boys want books about motorcycles and cars, snakes and sports, dinosaurs What Christian Girls Wish Guys Knew Materials: • GOstudents.netDownload Video: causing trouble and they want to talk about it with someone. They want to explore how […]